Ray-Ban Sport Series Sunglasses

Ray-Ban Sport Series sunglasses use the amazing Bausch & Lomb A-30 and G-20 Chromax lenses using the Chromax Color Contrast technology to enhance the relative intensity and contrast of critical action colors. Two lens tapes used were in Ray-Ban Sport Series sunglasses - the B&L Ray-Ban Ace (A-30) Chromax lens and G-20 Chromax lens. Both were made with the finest optical glasses specially formulated with Neodymium, a rare earth element to enhance the selected colors of the spectrum.


The Ace A-30 Chromax lens was always popular with golfers among others, for when golfing the A-30 Chromax lens accentuates greens, blues, and reds. Contours on the course stand out better so it's easier to read greens and survey fairways. The Ace A-30 light tranmission of 30% is an ideal level for cutting glare while maintaining depth perception. The G-20 Chromax lens was designed for fast reaction sports such as tennis and emphasizes reds, greens, and ambers with a light tranmissance of 20%. The G-20 Chromax lens is exceptional for medium to strong glare. Both the Ace and G-20 Chromax lenses sharpen details and maintain excellent overall contrast for a wide variety of athletic endeavors and both are treated with an anti-reflective coating to minimize distracting reflections from the rear surfaces of the lenses.


Superior frame durability in Ray-Ban Sport Series sunglasses is achieved with a lightweight Crystamid and Rilsan nylon blend that constructs a rugged yet pliable frame. Consequently, Ray-Ban Sport Series sunglasses are tough, sturdy, ideal for sports such as golf and tennis. You also get traditional Ray-Ban performance, for all Sport Series Chromax lenses are precision ground and polished from real optical glass and provide 100% ultraviolet protection.


Ray-Ban Sport Series sunglasses are universally known as a major advancement in the history of sports sunglasses. Following the sale of the Ray-Ban brand to Luxottica in 1999, Bausch & Lomb ceased production of Sport Series sunglasses and Chromax lenses for Ray-Ban sunglasses, and they ceased to be offered in the original form.


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