Ray-Ban Changeables Sunglasses

While the rest of the sunglass world was stuck in constant density lens technology, a revolution in photochromatic lens technology was taking place at B&L Ray-Ban. The result would be Ray-Ban Changeables lenses in six different tint colors. All the Ray-Ban Changeables lenses self adjust to the brightness of sunlight, but they also darken an extra degree in colder temperatures. And your colder temperatures are typically found at higher altitudes where there is less atmosphere to block both visible and UV light which means that the brighter light of winter sports is taken into account and the lenses adjust accordingly.


Ray-Ban Changeables sunglasses incorporate these innovative Bausch & Lomb photochromatic lenses that react to the sun's brightness to protect your eyes in all light conditions. Regular Ray-Ban Changeables sunglasses darken to compensate for varying outdoor light conditions. Ray-Ban Super Changeables darken even more for stronger light conditions and more sensitive eyes, and both Changeables and Super Changeables filter out 100% of harmful UV rays that can harm your eyes. This change in lens density which results in the lightening and darkening is a lifetime feature of these B&L Ray-Ban lenses and will not disappear or weaken over time.


Ray-Ban Changeables sunglasses darken to 75% of their full capacity within the first minute of exposure to sunlight. Out of sunlight, they lighten half way within the first 10 minutes and about 75% within the first 90 minutes. When new, Ray-Ban Changeables sunglasses and lenses require a breaking in period of several complete darkening / lightening cycles to bring them up to their normal performance. Changeables lenses were also heat treated to make them very impact resistant, but they are not shatterproof or breakproof nor do they have the extreme scratch protection characteristic of Ray-Ban Diamond Hard lenses. B&L Ray-Ban Changeable photochromatic lenses were made to the same standards of optical excellence for which B&L was always known.


One of the rarest forms of original Bausch & Lomb Changeables lenses were the B&L Changeable Rose lenses. They automatically adjust both color and density for varying light levels, excellent for skiing, sailing, boating, and other sports that require sharp vision in all weather conditions. They appear light rose on overcast days to cut through haze and sharpen details. In brigh sunlight, they appear a warm dark gray with rose hues to give superior protection from glare and improve contrast. Changeable rose lenses provide excellent UV protection at all light levels with visible light transmittance of 65% in their lightest state to 17% in their darkest state. Changeable rose lenses were also produced in very small quantities with a full mirror coating applied to the front of the lenses which added even more glare blocking power to allow visible light absorption of 62% to 88% depending upon their photochromatic state.


Following the sale of the Ray-Ban brand to Luxottica in 1999, Bausch & Lomb ceased making Changeables lenses for Ray-Ban sunglasses and they ceased to be offered in the original form.


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